Students marking the work of others

This exercise is related to the guidelines provided to all students on how skill tasks such as graphs and tables will get marked in exams. In class, the students do exercises and use the guidelines to mark the work of others. The purpose is to get the students very familar with the guidelines. If they apply these in the school certificate exam they will be well ahead of the State candidature.

Example of how the Values Exchange website can be used

The Values Exchange website has been used in Science over the last few years for really effective Yr 9 assessment. Attached is a task recently done. This task was administered by Greg Nunan. A sample 'A Grade'script is included.

Using Excel to generate automatic reports on assessment

In Science, Stephen Glucina has designed an Excel spreadsheet that enables reports on assessment tasks to be automatically generated. The wording is done using the syallabus terms and the report generation is achieved based on the level of achievement that is typed in. Marking of tasks is quick and students get a very meaningful report.