Science_Inquiry_Experiment.jpgTaking a Worm to lunch

Students use mealworms in a guided inquiry lesson to stimulate questions from observations and learn how to use scientific processes in designing experiments to answer those questions.

Introducing the Science Guided Inquiry - the following video's assist student's and teacher with the Inquiry Process.

Students are assessed at the end of each day using a performance rubric to determine the level of competency attained. Each rubric has descriptors and criteria of performance that are delineated by key performance phrases, which indicate the level of mastery. At the beginning of each day in the lesson, return the assesment rubric of the prior day and address how groups were assessed. This allows groups to discuss how they might improve their investigation at each step. To determine individual progress, instruct the students to write a paragraph about what the group accomplished and what they learned from each day's activities. Return each paragraph to the individual student with written comments as formative feedback.