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Reflection as a tool for professional learning

The main purpose of reflection is to make sense of evidence and experiences, on-balanced judgements and decisions about future action. It involves review, analysis and interpretation, and can occur using oral, written or even action (e.g., role play) strategies. Reflection on current classroom practices is an essential element of the action learning process in schools.

The ability of individual teachers to engage in honest, thoughtful and detailed self-analysis that focuses on their teaching practices and the impact that these have on student learning outcomes, has been identified as a critical factor in the success of professional development activities. Although reflection is a deeply personal endeavor it does occur within a context. In this case, the context is the area of inquiry being undertaken by the action learning team within the school.

Colleagues who are working as team members, and are part of the school context, contribute substantially to the extent of learning from reflection. Following reflection on a particular event, experience or circumstance, deeper learning occurs as team members engage in professional discussions to clarify related ideas, thoughts and feelings and to develop problem-solving strategies.