ACTION LEARNING - Student Engagement


This project is about trialling and evaluating in your classroom an authentic assessment task. You will get to explore a range of ideas and approaches. You could trial:
  • Inquiry or project or enquiry based research
  • Electronic portfolios
  • Digital narratives
  • Values Education
  • Authentic assessment
  • Integrated assessment
The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the syllabus! A page has been set up for you where you can add your own links and complete each week a reflection journal.

In term 1 you will have a series of readings. This involves one hour of reading a week. Your leaders will pose a research question based on the readings that you will respond to in the Discussion section.

Week 7:

Week 8:

Easter Reading - thanks to Mike

GM's notes on Easter Reading (Right Click, Save Target As...)


Term 1 Meetings


Inquiry-based learning: Inquiry-learning
Authentic Assessment: Authentic assessment
Authentic Assessment: Wiggins
Composition Assessment Gary Monger: Year 9 Composition Assessment


Monday 17 May Meeting